Will they or won’t they? The Fed and also falling oil and silver – #62

Where is the Fed headed? A lot depends on the NFP. We discuss everything and also talk about falling oil and the somewhat neglected price of silver before previewing next weeks’s events.

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  1. Direction of the Fed: Will they or won’t they in September? We hold opposing opinions and argue for and against the move that will rock markets on any decision.
  2. Is oil heading to a new decade low?: The price of the black gold is declining and we are nearing the lows. Break or bounce? This has implications on the Canadian dollar.
  3. NFPreview: The “king of forex indicators” is critical for the aforementioned decision. So where will it go?
  4. Is it all over for silver?: The “younger brother” or gold is on the back foot once again and many see a buying opportunity. We discuss the dynamics of this important metal.
  5. Next week’s events: Echoes from the NFP will not last too long as we have important events ahead. We get you up to speed.

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