Varoufakis: 4 problems, 4 solutions – analyzed – #72

We start with analyzing the 4 problems and 4 solutions that Varoufakis presented in Barcelona, continue with the data dependent dollar drive and finish with a preview of the interesting week. 

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  1. Yanis Varoufakis in Barcelona: We attended a talk with the ex-finance minister of Greece that is touring Europe. Apart from his call for democratizing the euro-zone, Varoufakis laid out 4 economic problems and 4 interesting and straightforward ideas to trigger real growth. We discuss the topics in a wider context.
  2. Confusing US figures: Some US indicators support the “no-hike” case but some were surprisingly positive. This mix triggers a lot of volatility and it is likely to continue. We organize the data for you.
  3. Preview for this week: Chinese GDP, a rate decision from the BOC and of course the Draghi show – the ECB decides.

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