USDown or greenback comeback? And more – #45

What’s going on in America? Where is the dollar headed? That is the focus of our latest episode as the Easter holidays are behind us and markets are on the move. We also cover slippery oil and the state of the Aussie.

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  1. What’s next for the dollar?: The Non-Farm Payrolls badly disappointed and hurt the dollar, but since then the belated minutes helped it make a comeback. What’s going on? We run through everything you need to know about the US economy, the state of the Fed and the road ahead.
  2. Slippery oil: Yemen, Iran and shale have all played a role in shaping up this volatile commodity. Has it found a balance or does it have room for further action coming soon? This is important for the US consumer, the Canadian dollar and more.
  3. Aussie: No cut round #2: Another surprise decision from the RBA unleashed the AUD. But we still have the stick in the air.

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