USD: Glass half full or half empty? – #50

Lots of ins and out in the US labor market situation. When will the rate hike come? We offer both sides of the argument, talk about the implications of the UK election results, the situation of oil prices and preview the next week’s events in a volatile market.

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  1. UK elections: David Cameron returned to Downing Street with a surprising majority. What are the implications after the pound rally? There is some risk for two unions. And what can we expect from the BOE? We discuss the ramifications
  2. US Labor Markets: We dissect the jobs report released recently: the present is good but the past is horrible. Also JOLTs are important to watch. And what about the rate hike? Is June still on the cards?
  3. Rising oil prices: Gradually but consistently, the price of black gold is rising. Can it continue or is it part of the consolidation? We talk about the different forces moving oil.
  4. Preview for next week’s events: The Fed’s meeting minutes will certainly impact markets, and we also get quite a few other interesting figures.

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