Silver Investment Explained + Draghi drill down and more – #73

We begin by drilling down Draghi’s 5 drags on the euro and continue with what’s going on with the Canadian dollar and the downside pressures. We then take a deep dive into silver ETFs, ETNs and other investment paths of the precious metal before talking about the upcoming events.

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  1. Draghi drag: Expectations were high but Draghi easily jumped above them, dealing a deadly blow to the common currency which crashed. We explain what he did and what it means.
  2. Lonely loonie: Canada is not that boring: there is so much going on in Canada and we separate the wheat from the chaff in what’s really key to the C$. It’s not the election of Trudeau.
  3. Silver investment: This precious metal has many uses and is widely traded but often falls behind gold. Well, there is a huge variety of investment options: ETFs, ETNs, silver companies and you name it. We discuss it in details.
  4. Preview for this week: 3 rate decision and fresh GDP data dot the scene in grand finale to a busy month.

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