MM #162 – Draghi dread and the head of the Fed

We talk about ECB’s decision and the exaggerated market reaction, continue to discuss the next chair of the Fed and end up with previewing a very busy week.

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  1. ECB rocks the boat, but why?: The ECB followed the script but the euro slipped on the decision due to its open-ended. However, there were other reasons? We pore over everything, poke holes in the reaction and then talk about what’s next.
  2. Who will head the Fed?: We have already the positive response in the dollar to Yellen’s ousting but the remaining candidates differ quite a bit from each other. What does each candidate, Powell and Taylor offer to the dollar, stocks and bonds? We examine.
  3. Preview: It’s a busy week with the BOE, the Federal Reserve and the Non-Farm Payrolls fill up a very busy week.

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