MM #143 – US economic unease and slippery oil

What’s going on in the US economy? There is still slack but the Fed judges it in a sanguine manner. We begin with all the moving parts in America before moving to a less optimistic picture for oil prices before reviewing the upcoming week.

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  1. Good morning America?: The Fed sticks to the word “transitory” and its optimism despite a slowdown in inflation, growth and wage growth. We dive more deeply into the jobs report and smash the “full employment” theory.  And what’s next? We circle the things to look out for.
  2. Slippery oil: it finally happened with oil prices crashing. We try to find the straw that broke the camel’s back but we quickly move to the bigger picture: it is mostly a supply story, but there are other reasons for the weakness in the black gold.
  3. Preview: The second week of May starts with echoes from the NFP and the French elections. Will markets remain happy? We then have the BOE’s “Super Thursday”, a focus on the US consumer and lots more.

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