MM #136 – March hike, Macron and Mario Draghi

The Federal Reserve overshadowed Trump as they take the reins once again. We analyze the situation and the implications and then move to the old continent, where politics in France compete with the central bank’s headache. 

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  1. March rate hikes: A coordinated chorus of Fed officials boosted rate hike expectations for a Fed rate hike in March. The central bank matters once again. Is an aggressive path awaiting us or just an opportunistic move? What are the implications for markets? We talk about everything.
  2. Mario Draghi’s dilemma: The ECB convenes amid rising headline inflation but low core inflation. There are other conundrums as well. ECB President Draghi’s fine balancing act has become more difficult. Will he hurt the euro? If so, will it last?
  3. Macron taking in the lead?: The French presidential elections are warming up with centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron gaining ground following the troubles of his rivals. The campaign is having a growing influence on the euro and the markets at large.
  4. Preview: Apart from the ECB and the NFP, we also have quite a few additional events as we approach the Ides of March.

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