MM #127 – The FED and the Road Ahead

The FED gave a hawkish hike and this rocked markets. We look at everything FED-related eyeing the path for the year ahead, which my be more Donald-dependent. 

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  1. What: An unprecedented hike in the dot-plot made the difference. We explain what happened in the FED decision and the market reaction.
  2. 2015 vs. 2016 vs. 2017: Parallels and comparisons to the previous hike is unavoidable and this is telling for 2017. Maybe three hikes is an upper cap.
  3. Monetary vs. Fiscal: A lot depends on the data, but also on the Donald. If Donald Trump doesn’t deliver, the doves could stop crying.
  4. Ahead of the curve: Is the FED leading the way with optimism, that it can retreat from, later on?
  5. Doves vs. the Dollar: The soaring value of the greenback is becoming a factor that should not be ignored.
  6. Preview: A more quite week leading into Christmas features GDP figures, durable goods orders and end-of-year scrambling.

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