MM #126 – From the Crude Cut to Draghi’s Drag

In this week’s episode, we look back at the OPEC deal that defied skeptics as well as look forward towards the ECB: it’s money time for Draghi.

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  1. OPEC Rundown: We talked about a potential deal, and indeed, OPEC succeeded this time. We dig into the details: who pays the price, what the deal entails, how oil prices are expected to develop in the upcoming months and of course, poke some holes into the deal. Will elevated prices continue? How will the shale industry react? And what’s up with inventories? We uncover every stone.
  2. ECB run-up: It’s time for details after Draghi left us to dry for many months, and as EUR/USD was driven by the dollar for so long. To extend or to taper? That is the question facing the Governing Council, that also releases some new forecasts.
  3. Preview: Apart from Mario Draghi, the fate of Matteo Renzi is also on the line in the Italian referendum. Also look out for action from Canada, Australia and more.

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