MM #118 – Brexit: Bad, Bearable or Brilliant?

We begin by a rundown of the ECB decision which was short on details and move to analyze the impact of Brexit, as we have some evidence that it isn’t a total catastrophe, not yet. Apart from the BOE, we preview other events coming up.

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  1. Draghi dodges details: Has the ECB adopted a “less talk” mode? No details yet, but we discuss what they can do in the near future while analyzing the situation in the euro-zone.
  2. Is Brexit that bad?: Over two months have passed since the historic vote and the most evidence does not point to a total disaster. Is May already making a success of Brexit as promised? Not so fast. We dive into what’s going on in the UK economy, which sectors benefit and what we can expect down the road. Carney’s testimony and the upcoming BOE meeting stand out.
  3. Preview: The BOE’s decision stand out but it is not the only event the calendar. Fed officials and US data, namely retail sales, provide the last opportunities for hinting of a hike, and there are other events as well.

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