MM #112 – A grounded chopper, slow-mo growth and an unreliable BOE boyfriend?

The BOJ missed high market expectations and left the chopper ground. After dwelling on the not-so-bold new monetary policy we discuss the weakness in the US data and the Fed, continue with a preview for a central bank that will not disappoint and preview other events.

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  1. BOJ’s grounded chopper: We cannot blame the Bank of Japan for lack of volatility, but they sure missed expectations. We discuss what they actually did, what expectations they created and why we can be hopeful for the next meeting.
  2. US data: GDP data disappointed with slow motion growth once again. We discuss the Fed decision, weak growth and the potential for a rate hike.
  3. BOE’s bad boyfriend?: Mark Carney tricked markets with potential rates. Is he doing it again with rate cuts? Recent data tells us that this time, it’s for real. But what exactly will he do? We preview the options for the Bank of England.
  4. Preview: Apart from the BOE, we have a full buildup to the Non-Farm Payrolls and quite a few other events. August is not necessarily a weak month.

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