MM #110: Helicopter money explained and Carney’s Mark up of the pound

We start with the no-cut move from the BOE and the meaning going forward, continue with explaining what helicopter money actually means in the wake of the news from Japan and top it off with a preview, with a comeback of the Draghi show.

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  1. Why wait? Why not: Mark Carney is already 3 years in office without changing policy, so why not wait another 3 weeks? We explain all the reasons for this move, the next move and the current situation in the UK.
  2. Helicopter money: Japan is nearing outright money printing. What’s going on? Is it coming out now or are there reasons to wait? And how will it be technically implemented? We provide all the answers.
  3. Preview: The ECB’s rate decision is the main dish but we will also receive some indicators telling us how bad Brexit really is for the UK.

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