Market Movers Episode #13: September’s big market movers from the US, Europe and others, and one rule of thumb

In this episode, we preview the big events that are expected to rock markets in September: Non-Farm Payrolls, the Fed decision, the highly anticipated ECB drama and quite a few other releases that move currencies and commodities. The episode begins with a quick rule of thumb about money management that is always relevant.

Welcome to a new episode of Market Movers, presented by Lior Cohen of Trading NRG and Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch.You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback.

The topics:

  1. Rule of thumb for money management: We start the episode with a catch phrase that everybody likes and break it down to one rule of thumb that is always relevant and for everybody.
  2. Path of the US and the US dollar: We discuss what to look for in the jobs report (not only jobs), what related figures could also have a strong impact and what to expect from the FOMC, in the last press conference around a taper decision.
  3. What will the ECB do and how will it impact the euro?: After the Jackson Hole drama from Draghi, will the ECB announce QE now? Later? How will the euro react? We discuss the implications.
  4. Direction of the BOE: After the pound more than reversed its recent gains, we talk about what events to look out for and what to ignore in September.
  5. Other currencies: It’s a busy month also in other places: we explain why dramas could come from Canada and Australia and which central banks are under pressure.

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One Response to Market Movers Episode #13: September’s big market movers from the US, Europe and others, and one rule of thumb

  1. kerman August 30, 2014 at 3:42 pm #

    I had purchased EURUSD around 1.387 and Eurjpy 141.27
    I m still holding on.
    Request you to kindly guide me what will be the next low level for both the currencies. ALso, is it the right time to buy more or equal quantity to average my lossess when both start moving up.
    Your advice will be highly appreciated.
    best regards
    Kerman Bodhanwala

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