Interview with FXStreet President Francesc Riverola on the industry, volatility and more – #44

This week we feature an interview with Francesc Riverola, the founder and president of FXStreet – one of the largest forex portals. We discuss trends in the forex industry, Francesc’s observation about the SNBomb, the future of forex as an asset class and lots more.

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After a quick update on what’s going on in the markets, especially recent USD movements, we talk with Francesc about:

Francesc Riverola

  • How FXStreet all began 15 years ago and what it offers to visitors.
  • The special characteristics of innovation in Barcelona. Catalonia’s capital isn’t a world famous financial hub, but certainly has advantages.
  • SNBomb: The short term and long term impacts of the shocking move on the industry. The outcomes are different depending on the time frame.
  • The future of foreign exchange as an asset class.
  • The shift of forex traders to mobile devices and the effect on the industry.
  • Plans for the future and more.

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