Interview with David Stein on investment, QE and lots more – #43

This week we have the pleasure to interview David Stein of Money for the Rest of Us, a fellow podcast host. We talk about investments, the smoke and mirrors around QE and lots more.

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The points we touch on are:

  • David’s story: his interesting background from an investment consultant through teaching about money and his recent podcasting career.
  • QE: His original view on how QE is a placebo and how it impacts the markets
  • How the modern money system works
  • Why the Fed needs to raise rates and how fear plays a role
  • The state of the US economy and the single figure to assess the current state.
  • ECB QE and the problem of confidence.
  • Stock markets’ state of mind – the secular bull market.
  • Current market valuations and not trying to predict the future.
  • David’s trading philosophy.

Listen to the podcast here:

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