State of US Housing, Draghi Drama, Jumping Japan, FOMC minutes rundown & OPEC – Market Movers #25

A packed show begins with US housing and its very close correlation to growth. We then run down the FOMC Meeting Minutes and continue to more exciting events: the political turmoil in Japan which is rocking the yen, and what’s going on in the zone. We finish with OPEC’s upcoming meeting and what it means for oil prices.

Welcome to a new episode of Market Movers, presented by Lior Cohen of Trading NRG and Yohay Elam of Forex Crunch.You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback.

The topics:

  1. US housing: We all know the correlation between US housing and the crisis. What has happened since then? How did the Fed impact housing with QE and how will how the housing impact the first rate hike? We dive into all aspects of this all-important sector.
  2. FOMC Meeting Minutes: The only slightly dovish minutes were shrugged off by markets, but they are meaningful towards the next decision. We run through the event.
  3. Jumping Japan: There’s no rest for Japanese policymakers of all sorts and certainly no rest for the yen. We analyze the events, including what we will not hear before the elections but could certainly influence the yen afterwards.
  4. Draghi drama: No inflation data and no rate decision doesn’t mean no action in Europe. We talk through recent German figures, which may be confusing and of course, touch on Draghi’s growing dovishness.
  5. OPEC meeting and oil: Can the cartel members stop the slip in oil? We try to assess which countries can do something and how this meeting could affect prices of the black gold.

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Yohay and Lior hold no positions on any of the stocks and financial instruments that were mentioned on the show. The podcast should be used for general information. This isn’t financial advice.

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