Dollar strength explained – #52

The dollar is on a roll in the last two weeks. We discuss the reasons for this strength, and look forward to the next moves and rate hike expectations. We continue with a preview to OPEC’s meeting, a dive into the Spanish political earthquake and preview next week which is very busy.

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  1. Dollar rally: Is it the data or the Fed’s words? And how is GDP looking. We list the reasons for the recent dollar strength, rate hike expectations which begin to take a clearer shape and the markets’ mood.
  2. OPEC: The decision by the cartel exacerbated oil’s fall in late 2014. What can we expect from this meeting after oil has stabilized.
  3. Spain: Anti-austerity was the main theme in regional and local elections in this important euro-zone nation. We explain what happened and the implications for the euro.
  4. Next Week: NFP is the big event with a full buildup. What can we expect? And there are also important rate decisions.

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