Did the market get it right on the Fed’s hike? – #48

The Fed does not seem extremely worried of the US slowdown. This was perceived as hawkish but rate hike expectations remained low. What’s going on here? We explain everything and also discuss the upcoming market movers and shakers.

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  1. State of the Fed: Blaming the weather is a game the Fed seems interested in playing. Are we seeing a repeat of 2014? Will they raise the rates in 2015 or not? We discuss all the moving parts in the Fed’s heads and break it all down for you.
  2. Non-Farm Payrolls: Will we see a bounce back to 200K+ levels? We explain the buildup and take our #NFPGuesses.
  3. UK Elections: Is the pound paying attention to the chances of a hung parliament?
  4. Australian rate decision: The RBA kept us waiting for a rate cut, but that never materialized. Will they move now?

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