Deep dive into the various euro-zone issues, a look at China and a new trading education initiative – #47

What’s going on in the euro-zone? Is there light at the end of the tunnel? We discuss all EZ related topics, then touch on Chinese developments and top it off with an interview with Gus Farrow of FXStreet, presenting an interesting education venture.

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  1. Euro-zone: We take a deep dive into everything euro-zone related: unemployment, inflation, the differences between different countries, the failure of austerity, monetary policy and the exchange rate of course. We bring you up to speed on the current conditions in the common currency.
  2. China: (from 22:30) Orchestrated slowdown or real trouble? We try to understand this economic giant.
  3. New forex education initiative: (from 27:10) We interview Gus Farrow of FXStreet, which presents the Financial Trading Analysis (FTA) program – a comprehensive education initiative of FXStreet and the University of Essex Online. You can apply to the program here.

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