Collecting crashes: commodities, Fed hike and later: Greece- #64

The global mood is souring but we keep the talk alive with mitigating the minutes from the Fed, explaining the can kicking exercise known as the Greek Bailout III and the commodity crash. Don’t worry, China is omnipresent in all topics and in the preview for next week.

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  1. FOMC Minutes: The long and usually boring protocols caused a lot of drama in markets. We argue on the timing of the Fed hike which seems more elusive and has already taken its toll on the greenback alongside the Chinese devaluation.
  2. Greek deal: Even assuming a new Greek government maintains continuity, the next crisis is awaiting in the autumn. We explain the fragile nature of the aGreekment.
  3. Commodities: Oil, copper, iron and everything out there is selling off. At least for one commodity, the end of the crash may be nigh.
  4. Preview: Every day features another piece of the puzzle towards the Fed decision, with an eclectic collection of indicators.

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