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Canada, Catalonia, Copper and more – #69

After starting off with the recent market moving events in the US, we take deeper dives into these CCCs, all are stories which will continue dominating the scene. We sign off with previewing the important events along the road. You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback. Recent US developments: The US dollar found reasons to rise […]

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Dollar defies doves – on the Fed, Greece and more #68

No hike didn’t mean no dollar drive higher. What’s going on? We digest the dovish Fed from all angles, before looking at the implications of the Greek elections and looking at the never resting markets. You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback. After the Fed: The Fed did NOT raise rates and went dovish in […]

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Fedilemma – all you need to know towards the critical decision #67

To hike or not to hike? The answer is coming and you should get ready. The September Fed decision is here and markets are holding their breath. We cover the Federal Reserve’s dilemma about a rate hike, potential market reaction and all the moving parts. We then cover the upcoming Greek elections and finish with Brazil. You are welcome […]

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NFP feeding the Fed, Draghi drill down and more #66

Is the NFP good enough for the Fed? We try to provide a good answer as the big event looms. We then digest the other big event that has long term implications: the ECB decision and the Draghi show. We end with a preview of the upcoming events. You are welcome to listen, subscribe and provide feedback. NFP enough […]

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Stay tuned for a new episode on September 8th

A message to listeners of the Market Movers podcast: the next episode will be published on September 8th, with an update on the big events: ECB, NFP and more. So stay tuned and thanks for your patience, Lior and Yohay.

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